2020 Cohort

Four startups working in the intersection between arts and technology to propel the world of Broadway forward.

Curtain Call

The platform for stage, screen and live events – CurtainCall provides smart solutions for recruitment, team management and marketing. We help professionals manage their careers and find the right opportunity at the right time.

CurtainCall addresses real-time problems and challenges of those people that work within the industry: onstage, backstage and behind the scenes. A mobile-first jobs and networking platform for the entertainment industries, CurtainCall is a marketplace for professionals with smart communication and project management at the core.

For more information please visit www.curtaincallonline.com and follow our socials: @curtaincall. 


Playmantic is a collaborative XR platform for theater education and practice.  The Playmantic mobile application uses AR glasses, 360 degree audio, & voice enabled commands to interact with your virtual rehearsal partner. Playmantic’s learning strategy is based on Active Experiencing Learning Principles to engage students & promote classic theater comprehension.


PrioriTIX is a new ticketing service that allows you to get your Broadway Season Subscription in a New York Minute. It’s like having season tickets to The Yankees, or The Ballet… but for Broadway!

Worldcast Live

The Worldcast Live platform aims to be the future of immersive brand engagement for consumers at events in the entertainment and education sector.  The WCL platform consists of two systems which are the web-based platform that is embedded in the client’s website and the engage app that targets users on their mobile devices. With the two systems, clients can manage their content, monetize their content and use new tools like augmented reality gamification to create a new reward-based experience for patrons and fans at events.

The WCL Engage Network uses patented software to tailor an experience for the end-user that matches their likes and needs. The personal customization allows clients in the education sector or entertainment sector to interact with users in a location or remotely, not worry about IT management, control the narrative, target users by likes and preferences, engage brands of different sectors, produce conversion for brands, connect users at any time and deliver reports about ROI.

2020 Cohort Mentors

We’ve gathered the best talent in theater and technology to get your ideas through the “rehearsal” process.

Candi Adams

David Andrews

Jim Augustine

Tory Bailey

Dawn Barber

Deborah Barrera

Paul Bausch

Damian Bazadona

Alex Birsh

Pat Blute

Matt Britten

Kristin Caskey

Drew Cohen

Alisa Cohn

Charles Flateman

Deeksha Gaur

Jim Glaub

Deadria Harrington

Susan Hobbs

Micah Hollingworth

Ciera Iveson

Rich Jaffe

Frank Kavanaugh

Tero Kuittinen

Susan Lee

Ken Lesnik

Alexander Libby

Tom Melcher

Shani Peled

Ian Philp

Jonathan Rebell

Lauren Reid

Doug Reside

Stephanie Riggs

Einar Saevarsson

Jim Scheinman

Howie Singer

Brisa Trinchero

Adaora Udoji

Steve Yanovsky

Randi Zuckerberg

Demo Day

Our Demo Day for Cohort 2 will take place virtually.
For more information on attending future Demo Days, please email contact@bwayaccelerator.com.